Why the president shops for internet gift certificates, and why his advisors have embraced his use of internet gift certificates.

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All the Presidentís men love internet gift certificates

November 24, 2001

All the Presidentís men love internet gift certificates

By: Gary Hall
Website: http://www.1st-choice-gift-certificates.com/

The presidentís closest advisors have embraced internet gift certificates. Shopping online for internet gift certificates allows the president to save time and avoid the inconvenience of shopping malls. Shopping online will also let him shop from the convenience of his office at any time of the day or night.

The president plans to do all his Christmas shopping online, and has said that everyone on his shopping list will receive internet gift certificates. He prefers it that way because then everyone can select their own gifts, and even take advantage of those after Christmas sales.

Online shopping for internet gift certificates will allow the president the utmost choice for those on his shopping list. All his holiday gift giving is expected to be finished well before the beginning of the month, and for any last minute shopping he plans to take advantage of email gift certificates. A spokesperson for the president, when asked about computer shopping said only Yahoo!

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