The gift of flowers ordered from you online florist accompanied with various greeting cards makes a perfect gift for all occasions.

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An online florist provides a gift of flowers, at the touch of a button

November 24, 2001

An online florist provides a gift of flowers, at the touch of a button

By: Laura Elderton

Giving a gift of flowers is always appropriate, and so convenient when you order on-line. Whether you need to send greeting cards to business associates, or a loving message for Mother's Day, your online florist will accommodate you with a unique expression of your own. It's fun and so easy to pick from the numerous photographs of bouquets online, or to send the florist an e-mail with your special request. Free ecards are available, or your on-line florist can send signed greeting cards with your flowers. Those lucky people who receive a gift of flowers are bound to be delighted.

When you are ordering, keep in mind where the flower arrangement will be placed. A centerpiece for an Easter dinner could be showy, but should sit low so that dinner guests can see to talk to each other. On the other hand, a good luck gift of flowers for a store opening should be tall, bountiful and colorful, and could be included with greeting cards from everyone in the family or office. The perfect gift to grace the desk of your business associate might be a tasteful modern orchid design. The bright and cheerful gift of flowers that you order from your online florist for a sickroom or a child's bedside, could include a balloon message.

Consider to whom you are sending your gift of flowers. A busy executive who has just arrived in town for a hectic series of meetings might appreciate a flower arrangement that would have a calming effect, such as lilies and roses. Perhaps your grandmother's favorite flowers are carnations: you could have a box of carnations and baby's breath shipped to her direct from the grower that she could arrange to her heart's delight. For Easter, you could have several potted Easter Lilies sent to your church. Or you could arrange with your online florist to automatically ship, perhaps every 10 days, a tasteful arrangement of tropical flowers for your office reception desk. For your Mother-in-law on Mother's Day? A potted miniature garden with a big bow for her front porch might be the perfect gift.

Everyone appreciates a gift of flowers. With their cheerful colors and lush foliage, along with greeting cards, they give the perfect message. Your online florist is there to answer your every need. It is so convenient, and if you phone before noon, in most cases your delightful gift can be delivered that same day.

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