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Birthday traditions from around the world

May 29, 2003

Birthday traditions from around the world

By: Monica Foth

It is interesting to know the various birthday traditions around the world. Have you ever wondered about how birthday traditions are celebrated in New Zealand?

Not only are there birthday traditions from around the world, but also some families have created their own unique celebrations. For instance, one family has the tradition that the birthday person is catered to all day, for the whole 24 hours, they do not have to lift a finger. Or, how about this popular one – money wrapped in foil and inserted into the birthday cake for those to find. Butter on the nose is another one where someone sneaks up and butters the nose of the birthday boy or girl, age does not matter, and this helps them to ‘slide’ through the next year. What fun!

Some birthday traditions are a bit strange, but this one struck me as being quite interesting and simple. Everyone’s birthday is celebrated on New Year’s Day. They say they were born on the symbol of the lunar calendar for that year. On the morning of Tet (new beginning of a new year), adults congratulate children on becoming a year older by giving them a red envelope containing money.

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